Sunday, 25 June 2017

Questions To Ask Before You Invest

Ariah Rastegar is the CEO of Rastegar Capital, LLC; he holds both a professional and personal interest in investing. Experienced investors like Ariah Rastegar understand the business and, though they highly recommend that individuals who would like to build wealth begin investing, they also know that it requires careful consideration beforehand.

If you’re considering investing, ask yourself questions like those below before you get started. Such questions can help you decide if investing is the best step for you to begin increasing your monetary standing.

Are You in Debt? All of your debts should be paid off before you invest, as the interest on outstanding balances will likely overshadow investment returns.

Are You Protected? Insurance to be sure that you are protected should disaster strike will ensure that you are ready to invest your extra wealth without compromising your personal security.

Are You Saving for Retirement? Your retirement fund is the first place that your extra cash should go. If your retirement fund is lacking, you will only hurt yourself by investing your money in riskier markets.

Do You Have Savings? Having spare cash to fall back on is important. In the words of Mr. Rastegar, “If you have a question that you might not have enough money, you should speak to a professional. If it’s anything under, say, ten thousand dollars [or] fifteen thousand dollars, you should still be saving.”

Even if you’ve asked yourself these questions, the most reliable way to know if you’re ready to invest is to speak with a qualified financial advisor. Seasoned investors like Ariah Rastegar continue to respect professional advice, and it is wise for newcomers to do the same.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Better Investment Techniques By Ariah Rastegar

We all are well aware that any startup or a business need a lot of funds. That could prove to be a tough challenge for an individual to pay or invest from their own pocket. Moreover, depending upon the nature of the business you can find those different people from different parts of work love to invest in your ideas. The portion of the investment that is shared by the different individual investor help them to share profit or loss according to the status of your new startup or business depending on the market.

According to Ariah Rastegar, the certain percentage that is invested by different identity (shareholder, stockholder and capital holders) provide you with ways in which you can collect funds for your business. And in terms of accounting and finance, these interments have a special term to define known as equity or owner’s equity. To understand equity in better manner let’s take an example of any car owner who bought a car worth rupees 50000 but has a loan of 10000 outstanding for the loan for the car. Then the car equity will be 40000 rather than 50000, as equity is the difference of liabilities from the real assets.
In simple words, if you are expecting better profit each time apart from your regular business then you can start seeking shareholder equity in different entities. This will help you to raise profit individually apart from your business and also help the startups and business entities to collect all their funds for a business that could ensure future benefits. Many a time in case of individual investor they try to assure more profit at the end for more and more expectation.

But these private companies try to charge from the investor in form of finder fee, who help them to provide the service of intimating them about different entities where to invest. On account of this in recent years a huge dip is recorded in past few years as an investor is against their will to the excessive fee. As in beginning also they are providing their service in from of funds to that startup and business who actually need funds.
This time Ariah Rastegar has tried to come up with some better investment plans that could ensure you with better returning apart from usual risk. Talking more about Ariah Rastegar who worked for Chelsea Hotels Chief Executive Ed Scheetz and real-estate investor Nate Paul. And had assured investment by its own, a fund from 250-500 million for real estate assets like self-storage faculties and discount retail locations practice.

On this charge only 1.2% of the management fee and would go for half of the total profit after coming to the investment hurdle of 8%. Moreover, the fund has a deviation with the standard one and there is no charging of commission and fee on acquisitions and add-on purchases, or for monitoring investments.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Top Twenty-Issues Related To Money

Ariah Rastegar is the founder and CEO of Rastegar Capital, LLC, and through his company, assists his clients in building their wealth.

Customers of all ages turn to professionals like Ariah Rastegar for help, but they must often resolve existing issues before they can proceed with building their portfolios. When such professionals work with twenty-somethings, they often encounter issues such as those below

  • Living Outside Of Your Means

    Spending more than you earn is easy when you’re experiencing the freedom of your twenties. You might want to travel, buy a car or otherwise do things you haven’t done before. But everything comes with a cost, and unless you have the money to spend, you shouldn’t. Living beyond your means will land you in debt sooner or later, meaning that when you begin to manage your finances, paying off debt is where you will have to start.If you’re making this mistake, stop now. Make a budget, live within your means and start paying down your debt. 

  • Not Saving For Retirement

    Retirement feels like it is forever away when you’re twenty, and that’s exactly why you should start saving for it right away. The sooner you begin your retirement savings, the less you’ll have to save and the more you will have. Saving early might even allow you to retire early, which isn’t a luxury many people can afford.If you’re making this mistake, set up a 401k today and start saving as much as you can afford, even if it’s the monthly minimum.
If you’re in your twenties and you’re making either of the mistakes listed above, or even if you’re not, you can likely benefit from professional financial advice. Companies like Ariah Rastegar ’s Rastegar Capital are there to help all who seek advisement in building their wealth.

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Different Investing Methods in Real Estate

Are you looking for yourself a win- win methods for investing in real estate? On your retirement or during your business span are you looking some other source of income that can help you to earn a lot?
Then real estate could prove to be the best way you can assure your future asset by trying different investing methods. But according to Ariah Rastegar it’s also an important question for particularly those who are new to the real estate business, what are the different methods that are involved investment.
Thus, today, Ariah Rastegar also famous as founder and CEO of Rastegar Equity, has tried to come up with different investment methods in real estate that could help to earn better perspective of profits:


Investment on personal residence

If you are new to real estate business it is always advisable to go with, the investment that is related to personal residences. As these can be easily fetched and the probability of profit is also more as compared with commercial properties. But with an only drawback that it is less profitable and could take lots of time.


Investment in wholesaling properties

Thus to go with bigger plans and better returning you can go with investment on wholesale properties, that could make you with high profits and better opportunities. But it also comes up with some usual risk as well, as any government involvement could fluctuate the market figures and they’re putting the direct impact on your profit plans.

Investment in long-term rental properties

According to Ariah Rastegar this could be the best ways as you can continue enjoying the benefits that are encountered from an investment on long-term rental properties. As this will surely increase from time to time and there will be no interference ever be made by the government or by other governing bodies.


Investment on long-distance properties

Long distance properties is a very futuristic approach and at the same time need lots of patients and planning that could overcome the meanwhile personal expenses. As huge profit and returning could be guaranteed on the basis of what kind of investment plan areas you are looking for. As there is always need of land so either case, land requirement by the government or some private body could help you with higher profits.
From the above points, it must be clear for everyone either beginner or experienced to decide and make the mind on for investment methods in real estate by Ariah Rastegar. Who, tried to follow same points to raise his Rastegar Capital and thereby becoming the founder and CEO of Rastegar Equity.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

How To Enrich Your Life (And To Get Rich)

Ariah Rastegar is among many professionals seeking to build an empire, but he sets himself apart in that he focuses not just on his wealth, but also on his well-being. To those with the mind of a millionaire, like Ariah Rastegar health and wealth often go hand-in-hand. How will you earn your first million dollars if you’re constantly stressed, upset and unhealthy?
Focusing on enriching your life with things that make you happy can be the key to your professional success. The happier and more balanced you are as an individual, the easier it will be for you to maintain your brand. Start with habits like these:

Buy Experiences, Not Things 

When you buy a new car and drive it home, it is instantly worth less than you paid for it, meaning that your investment is already depreciating. In contrast, when you spend money on a vacation, the memory of that experience will only get better in time, which means that your investment appreciates instead. As such, buying experiences instead of things often leads to more happiness and less habitual spending.             

Be Charitable 

Using your money to help those who need it can produce strong positivity in yourself while eliciting happiness in others. Being charitable also reflects positively on your character, polishing your professional image and potentially increasing your income portfolio.

Wealthy businesspersons like Ariah Rastegar often appear happy with where they are in life not because of their monetary standing, but because of the well-being that they maintain to reach that standing. Approaching the foundation of your empire with this in mind might increase your chances of success.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What are Hedge Funds?

Ariah Rastegar is the founder and owner of Rastegar Equity Partners. This investment firm, based in Dallas, Texas, raises capital from registered investment advisors, public pension funds, and high net worth individuals to invest directly in best-in-class real estate around the country. This model helps the company expand and work with many different investors in different settings, including in hedge funds. For those who don’t know financing language, what is a hedge fund?

Technically speaking, a hedge fund is a limited partnership including investors who use high-risk investing tactics, such as investing with borrowed money, to get large gains for the group. The idea is to limit risk for each individual and share in potentially large profits from riskier investments, which usually return big gains. Ariah Rastegar has worked hedge funds into his company’s business plans to offer his investors more options and less liability. Hedge funds can take bigger or smaller risks with a pool of money from different investors, using all kinds of risk-management techniques, many of which are employed by Rastegar and his partners themselves.

Ariah Rastegar uses all of his experience and background in finance and investing to get his investors the best possible returns for their money. As Rastegar Equity Partners expands and offers more services, he will offer different forms of investments to yield the best possible returns he can provide.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Self Storage and Why It’s a Worthy Real Estate Investment

Ariah Rastegar learned many lessons from the housing market crash of 2008 and the recession of that time. After heading a private equity investment firm’s opening of a New York City office, Rastegar returned to his home state of Texas where he started Rastegar Equity Partners, which primarily invests in commercial real estate throughout the United States. One of the primary investments he puts his clients in with is self-storage companies, which Rastegar and his associates consider recession-resilient. Here’s why they are usually good commercial real estate investments:

Simply put, self-storage businesses present excellent business and real estate investment opportunities because people use these businesses in times of economic stress and economic upswings. No matter what is happening with the housing market, people will always need a place to store their belongings. Amid a housing crisis, people will make more use of self-storage facilities as well. These recession-resilient businesses can give investors great opportunities even when the market seems sluggish and not worthy of investment. Ariah Rastegar believes in sharing his strategies with his clients, providing full transparency and educating his investors. 

Ariah Rastegar has built his investment firm on creating opportunities for his investors while charging well below the market standard in fees and consistently providing excellent returns on real estate investments for his investors.